Thursday, April 10, 2008

About us......

Well after 25 years, we've finally made it to the Sutherland Shire of Sydney. We got side-tracked many years ago & ended up in the inner west of Sydney to be close to family for financial reasons - as many young families do. However, our hearts always belonged down south.

We are a family of 2 adults in our late 40s with 2 adult children still at home & a 9 year old. DH has no time for this sort of thing so I will be posting all updates.

This is the house we bought, which will be demolished within the month. I originally had ideas to retain & renovate it - fascinating design, but the interiors were pretty bad & had major cracking.

Join us on our journey as we build for the 1st time and for some of you, hopefully learn from us along the way.

Bring it on !


  1. Hi,

    Just found your blog about building your new house. We too are looking at the Cambridge design with Eden Brae to build in the Sutherland Shire. I was just wondering whether the cost has blown out or you have had problems with them trying to charge you more during the building phase.We are still in the early decision making process of building and hear so many horror stories of costs blowing out. I just wondered with you experience now what your advice would be.
    King Regards

  2. We have had NO issues with costs blowing out. We thought that maybe if there was to be a blow-out, it would be an unexpected 'floater' at excavation time. But fortunately, this didn't happen. All costs were as per contract & as per variations.
    At no time, did EB try to charge us more during the building phase.
    We are very happy with the final product. Of course, I reiterate that it does depend VERY MUCH on your site supervisor & the tradesmen on your site. Some EB customers have not been so lucky.
    Good luck