Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well, the plans finally went into Sutherland Council on Monday - YAY !!!! What a long haul from when we 1st walked into the sales office in early December -6 very long & stressful months.
Naive as we were, we fully expected to be in our new house within 12 months after that initial visit. What a shock when cold, hard reality hit !

Sally our CSR promised they'd be in on Monday & she kept to her word. Yay, Sally ! Now the really hard part starts. We have encroached on our front & side setbacks. We are fully expecting this to be a stumbling block with the council. We had to narrow the house to accomodate the side setbacks. But the corner & side balconies sit within the setback allowance. We opted for this design, specifically because it addressed the 2nd facade issue. In other words, the side of the house isn't sterile & featureless, but is as interesting as the front. We're hoping that the council are lenient & realise this. The front of the block is angled, so maybe this will work in our favour as we have encroached on this setback also, with the balcony. We are hoping for water views on this side of the house, so we will push for this, atleast.

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