Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, we're hoping to hear from council within the week as to whether the plans have been approved. As expected they raised concerns regarding our encroachment to the front & secondary street boundaries. We fully expected this. But we would have been crazy not to go for this, 1stly because our block is narrow & 2ndly because of the anticipated water views as you can see in the photo.

Well, the justifications for these encroachments were sent to the council by the certifier several weeks ago and we haven't heard any further objections. I've been told that in all likelihood our plans will be passed as is . YAY !!! YAY !!!

Our build-start looks to be VERY late August to mid September. We were promised a start some time in August. Unfortunately, the start date seems to be getting further & further away. Keeping our fingers crossed.