Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Delay !

I am spitting chips !!!! Got all the final variations & drawings to sign off on. What do we find but a drawing error, which means that new plans have to be ordered !!!!! How difficult can it be to make a change on a computer generated elevation ??? So because of that, I've been told excavation is going to be delayed 1 whole !@#$%^ week !!!!
Aaaaaagggghhhh !!!!

Anyway that's my vent ! Feel a little better now - just a little.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Exterior Colour Selections

Finally ! The external colours. It's taken some time, but I think these will do :

Details are :
Roof - Jasper
Gutters, fascia, downpipes - Jasper
Garage door - Jasper
Front door - Jasper with 3 panes of glass
Cladding - Taubmans Kidskin
Bricks - Boral Blackheath
Mortar - off white, raked
Aluminium windows - White Birch
Balcony posts, handrails - Jasper
Moroka finish - Taubmans Manhattan

The front door will however be changed to a dark-stained timber at a later stage. For the time being, we went with a standard door to avoid a variation charge.

I might even look into a timber-look garage door at a later stage, also. This was what I initially wanted in addition to the timber front door, however EB's prices was ridiculously expensive.

As far as the demolition goes..... it will 'apparently' be done by Tuesday at the latest. I'll believe it when I see it ! We were told - by Monday. EB were told - Tuesday. Either way that will be 8 days. 2 1/2 days demolishing & 5 1/2 days of no activity. Unbelievable !

Peg-out has been ordered for the following Friday ie 3 October. Have yet to hear when excavation starts.
That leaves only 2 months of building before Xmas holidays of 5 very long weeks with no activity !

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Going, Going..............

D-Day came and went...........this is the result of the 1st day's demolition..........

The entire roof is gone & dumped in the yard. Will be interesting to see tomorrow's result.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Colours - Kitchen and Bathroom

Well, the colour selections have all been finalised. Pretty happy to have this part of the process over. It wasn't such an ordeal afterall. We had pretty definite ideas from the outset. So what we needed was to have them confirmed or improved upon.

The first photo is of the floor tiles & kitchen cabinetry. Quite dark colours, however the kitchen area will have quite a lot of light.

Details are :
Floor cupboards : Laminex Moleskin
Benchtop : Laminex Mocha Feldspar
Glass splashback : Dulux Sea Elephant
Wall cupboards : Laminex Nocturne Oak
Kickboards : Brushed aluminium

The next photo is of the tiling to the 3 bathrooms. We decided to have the same colours throughout these areas. The mosaics come up rather brown in the photo, but in reality are smoky. Look just great all together & very happy with the selection.

Details are :

Vanity : Laminex Moleskin
Vanity top : Laminex Mineral Harmony
Wall tiles : ESPSST Matt finish
Feature Tile : Emperador
Floor tile : Mineral Onyx
Handle : square knob

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Full Steam Ahead


Demolition D-Day - 23rd September !!!!! Finally..sigh.

EB have finally received Council's DA aproval. I can't believe the plans were passed without a single change. That includes the encroachments on both the front & secondary street boundaries. How great is that ! We're ecstatic. Fingers crossed we get the hoped for water views/glimpses from the front balcony.

Pegging out is next. Apparently, that takes 7 days. Then construction can start.

Well, we've obviously lost the opportunity to start in August as was promised by EB. I guess 6 weeks late is better than 2 or 3 months.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Well, it's happened !!

Last week would you believe - the 26th ! I only found out by accident. I had heard about DA tracking via the council's website. Tried it out & there it was - 'APPROVED' in black & white. Wonder why EB didn't know about web-based tracking ???!!!

Now it's a matter of having the documentation sent to EB, getting construction plans made up, handing over money & away we go.

Hoping to start excavation early October. Earlier would be better, but I figure that's not much of a reality.