Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Delay !

I am spitting chips !!!! Got all the final variations & drawings to sign off on. What do we find but a drawing error, which means that new plans have to be ordered !!!!! How difficult can it be to make a change on a computer generated elevation ??? So because of that, I've been told excavation is going to be delayed 1 whole !@#$%^ week !!!!
Aaaaaagggghhhh !!!!

Anyway that's my vent ! Feel a little better now - just a little.


  1. Hi there, excavation has been delalyed a week because the elevation drawing is incorrect. We removed moroka finish from the 3 walls of the front ground floor room, so that this woudl be in line with the rest of the external ground floor which is all brickface. This amendment became a Variation ( no credit mind you) which had to be passed on to the draftsman. Well of course it didn't get to him or else he forgot about it. Anyway, to change this - 1 week. Ridiculous, isn't it?