Wednesday, February 18, 2009

............and waiting

Another day gone down the tubes - no work !

OK so it was raining this morning - but it was all done by mid morning ! No reason why something couldn't have been done after that.

Clarendon were again working away around the corner, on the upper storey. Our build started 2 weeks before theirs & now they have passed us.

EDIT : To be fair to EB, a carpenter was there AGAIN today. But still no cladding. Why not ??


  1. Its so frustrating isn't it :(?
    we have a Rawson home being built down from us and we were beating them at one stage.. even though they are a 1 story home and we are a 2..:(
    but they now have their ruff in done, bricks on and roof trusses on as of yesterday :(

    I FEEL YOUR PAIN hun chin up Huggles
    The Browns

  2. Thanks so much guys. It is a very trying ordeal !