Friday, February 20, 2009

Meeting With Construction Manager

This on-site meeting was called by the Construction Manager. He was concerned that as customers, we had lost confidence in Eden Brae. Atleast we are agreed on this. We are so underwhelmed & disappointed with this build that we just want to get it over with as soon as possible.

Today's meeting with the CM was not initiated to resolve specific issues, but was more to put our general concerns to rest. We will give them the benefit next week and see if what they say will be done - if not, then they can expect further contact from us. Our concern is that it's all just a sales pitch - filled with the right words, but not being delivered upon - so this coming week is a test to see if they do understand customer service.

CM advised that by the end of next week, weather permitting, the following would be achieved :
  • cladding installed & painted
  • brickwork cleaned
We would be ecstatic if this were next week's outcome. One hurdle jumped atleast.
However, what we fear the most is that Eden Brae will need to be pushed at EVERY stage.
It seems they are unable to keep the momentum going.
It seems also that their system is unable to flag problems when they occur.

As mentioned by us elsewhere, talk is cheap. Continued action is what we want to see.

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