Thursday, March 26, 2009

For those who just can't wait, particularly fellow Homeone Forum members - outside shots only ! We just love our colours.......better than we anticipated !!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This week EB have been hard at work completing the plastering ! These particular tradies have been hard at it even when I've driven past at 4.30, on my way home from work ! Now that's unusual, as their predecessors were usually gone by 4.

Our bricks have finally been cleaned. Now that was a lonnnng wait and well worth it, too. Our house looks better & better. I must say it looks better than EB's display home at Ropes Crossing, which 1st inspired us.

We have gone through a few frustrating moments over the last couple of months. Far too many delays, in our opinion. However, the pace last week & this week has much improved.

This is the standard we expected of Eden Brae from Day 1.

Friday, March 20, 2009

We had an independant inspection done this week.
A few minor details which we expected BUT no major issues were found. Peace of mind was worth the expense. A testament to Eden Brae's tradesmen on our site.

Thankyou Eden Brae.
This week has been an extremely successful one. The activity we witnessed this week, is what we expected from Eden Brae when we signed up.

Of course, no one can expect this level of activity to be sustained throughout a build, with a volume builder. But we did expect far, far more, than what we had seen over the last couple of months !
The project management of this build has been seriously disjointed. Days & days with no activity. Just as when the slab & frame went up prior to Xmas, so now this flurry of activity. Spits & spurts !! No flow.
Whether EB's site supervisors are stretched to their limits, whether the resources are not forthcoming - no answers on that front, but needless to say it is an unsatisfactory way to operate. Possibly the company needs a culture change.

It will be interesting to see, whether after this week's flurry of activity, we will again have weeks & weeks of work at a snail's pace.

But, at this stage we are so desperate to have this finished, we are grateful for anything.

Many, many thanks to our ever-patient Site Supervisor 'AR'.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh my goodness !!!! Eden Brae have all pistons firing this week !!
We are in total shock !!

Moroka application to balconies - DONE !
All electricals - DONE !
Most of the insulation - DONE !
Family roof - DONE !
AC ducting - DONE !
Gyprock going in tomorrow/Friday !

WOO HOO !!!!! I could just kiss my SS.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yes, that's right.....after having been told that the roof would be finished this morning by the CM no less - it didn't happen ! We're not surprised really - just sorely disappointed & frustrated.

What does it take to get a small roof on ? What does it take to get some follow-through when a promise is made ?

And the saga continues............

Friday, March 13, 2009

4 months after frame start we FINALLY have a roof on the family room !!!!

4 MONTHS !!!

Mind you, it's not even finished !! What is with these tradies ??

I spoke to a neighbour this arvo who lives 2 doors down & he asked whether we were ever going to move in. I was polite & laughed with him but I was secretly seething. This is the same comment we get from others in the street.

We can tell that people are quite unimpressed with Eden Brae. So are we!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update :

1.The moroka guys did turn up today, as they said they would. But they had to give up when the rain started. Atleast, they were able to prime the balcony supports.
Their work is so top rate, that I'd rather they come back & finish it properly. I just love their work.

2. We've been told that the eaves & gutters to the family room have been installed. Could only see the safety balustrades attached to the gutters. It follows then that the roofing should finally go up this week. So we've been told.

No idea when brickcleaning will happen. Sorry to those waiting for the pics.

I know we've said this over & over, but it's an excrutiatingly drawn out process. It is so frustrating to see the site without activity, day after day. Our journey to Como, has taken will attest to this. So we just want this build to be OVER !!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Friday 20th was 2 & 1/2 weeks ago. That is when we had that discussion with the CM.
This Friday will make it 3 weeks !!

Still NO lock-up ! Still NO roof on the family room! Still NO bricks cleaned!

Seems that our cynicism was well-founded! The meeting was purely a public relations exercise. What we find insulting is that Eden Brae thinks we're so gullible as to believe the hyped-up spiel !
Eden Brae along with the rest of this industry is seriously out of touch with the consumer.

Sad to say, but this recession is needed. The dead wood needs to be cleaned out.
Customer service needs to be the priority, once again.
Lots of rain last night & the early hours of today. we understood that the possibility of work on site today would be low. However, that might not necessarily mean that the rain would continue throughout the day.
As it happened - not one drop of rain fell on Como today - NOT ONE !! What is the matter with tradespeople ??? Have the last 10 years been so financially fruitful for them, that they now use the slightest reason to NOT work ???? Unbelievable.
Are they not capable of using the internet ? Do they not read the long term forecasts that say that rain is likely over the next few weeks? Would you not think that they would grab every dry day available & get as much done, as possible???

This has been the most frustrating experience we have EVER encountered. Lazy building practices, inefficient building practices, wasteful building practices...........we could go on & on, but we will see if anyone actually turns up on site tomorrow.
Anything is possible in this game !

Friday, March 6, 2009

So the balconies weren't finished today as hoped for. In fact, we don't think anything was done on site today - another day lost !
We just want this process OVER so we can move on with our lives. Our family who will be reading our blog, understand clearly why we feel this way.

But the scaffolding did come down yesterday & what a difference to the house !

We are very happy with our colour selections. They have turned out better than we had expected. The only concern remaining now, is the look of the 'Jasper' garage door against the 'Manhattan' moroka colour. However, that concern won't be laid to rest until the end, as the door doesn't get installed until then.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Eden Brae has done a satisfying amount of work this week.

* The balconies & timber trim work have been sealed & waterproofed.
* Moroka finish has been applied to the top 1/2 of the balconies & the wall above the garage.
* The cladding was FINALLY painted today.

All in all - a very productive 3 days. Hats off to our SS.

We believe the scaffolding will be coming down tomorrow & hopefully the balconies will be finished on Friday.

Thank you Eden Brae. This has gone part of the way, to us having our faith restored in your processes. There is still a long way to go yet.