Monday, March 9, 2009

Lots of rain last night & the early hours of today. we understood that the possibility of work on site today would be low. However, that might not necessarily mean that the rain would continue throughout the day.
As it happened - not one drop of rain fell on Como today - NOT ONE !! What is the matter with tradespeople ??? Have the last 10 years been so financially fruitful for them, that they now use the slightest reason to NOT work ???? Unbelievable.
Are they not capable of using the internet ? Do they not read the long term forecasts that say that rain is likely over the next few weeks? Would you not think that they would grab every dry day available & get as much done, as possible???

This has been the most frustrating experience we have EVER encountered. Lazy building practices, inefficient building practices, wasteful building practices...........we could go on & on, but we will see if anyone actually turns up on site tomorrow.
Anything is possible in this game !

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  1. Don't you have a roof on? there shouldn't be any excuse now.. I feel your frustrations :(. Hope something happens to day for you.
    Huggles The Browns