Friday, March 6, 2009

So the balconies weren't finished today as hoped for. In fact, we don't think anything was done on site today - another day lost !
We just want this process OVER so we can move on with our lives. Our family who will be reading our blog, understand clearly why we feel this way.

But the scaffolding did come down yesterday & what a difference to the house !

We are very happy with our colour selections. They have turned out better than we had expected. The only concern remaining now, is the look of the 'Jasper' garage door against the 'Manhattan' moroka colour. However, that concern won't be laid to rest until the end, as the door doesn't get installed until then.


  1. House looks even bigger without the scaffolding. Here's hoping they get on with lots done in the coming week.

  2. It's great your scaffolding is down, our balcony is still not finished. Not sure if you got my previous message, I strongly suggest you get an independent inspection done.

  3. Southies, your house is looking great, thank god EB are coming through finally. We also have had a fair bit of progress on a few minor defects. All fingers crossed they keep up the good work for you.

  4. Your place looks wonderful. its like opening a prezzie when the scaffolding comes down :). congrats
    Huggles The Browns