Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This week EB have been hard at work completing the plastering ! These particular tradies have been hard at it even when I've driven past at 4.30, on my way home from work ! Now that's unusual, as their predecessors were usually gone by 4.

Our bricks have finally been cleaned. Now that was a lonnnng wait and well worth it, too. Our house looks better & better. I must say it looks better than EB's display home at Ropes Crossing, which 1st inspired us.

We have gone through a few frustrating moments over the last couple of months. Far too many delays, in our opinion. However, the pace last week & this week has much improved.

This is the standard we expected of Eden Brae from Day 1.


  1. Geeesss this post is worthless with out pictures :P

    I'm glad they are working hard

  2. You'll just have to wait until I get a chance to take some shots ! Sorry.

  3. if they are same contractors as ours, they didn't start till 3pm so may not have been so hard at work but there were alot of them maybe 5 men???