Friday, March 20, 2009

This week has been an extremely successful one. The activity we witnessed this week, is what we expected from Eden Brae when we signed up.

Of course, no one can expect this level of activity to be sustained throughout a build, with a volume builder. But we did expect far, far more, than what we had seen over the last couple of months !
The project management of this build has been seriously disjointed. Days & days with no activity. Just as when the slab & frame went up prior to Xmas, so now this flurry of activity. Spits & spurts !! No flow.
Whether EB's site supervisors are stretched to their limits, whether the resources are not forthcoming - no answers on that front, but needless to say it is an unsatisfactory way to operate. Possibly the company needs a culture change.

It will be interesting to see, whether after this week's flurry of activity, we will again have weeks & weeks of work at a snail's pace.

But, at this stage we are so desperate to have this finished, we are grateful for anything.

Many, many thanks to our ever-patient Site Supervisor 'AR'.

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