Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Update :

1.The moroka guys did turn up today, as they said they would. But they had to give up when the rain started. Atleast, they were able to prime the balcony supports.
Their work is so top rate, that I'd rather they come back & finish it properly. I just love their work.

2. We've been told that the eaves & gutters to the family room have been installed. Could only see the safety balustrades attached to the gutters. It follows then that the roofing should finally go up this week. So we've been told.

No idea when brickcleaning will happen. Sorry to those waiting for the pics.

I know we've said this over & over, but it's an excrutiatingly drawn out process. It is so frustrating to see the site without activity, day after day. Our journey to Como, has taken will attest to this. So we just want this build to be OVER !!

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