Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I met our tiler today. He was waiting for us to deliver the bathroom feature tiles. He has done a great job for someone so young. Atleast I think he has. Will have to wait for DH to check out the tiling at some point in the near future. He has an eye for detail, where I tend to miss things.

Updated pics of the interior I could scrounge, while on site meeting with the tiler :


Staircase waiting for balustrades


  1. Southies, I think the fact that it bothers you enough to post about it and ask the question is your answer. You probably won't be happy to leave them as is, especially if the two areas are connected visually.

    If it was me, I think I'd change them.

    The bigger question is why did they tell you they were out of stock, if clearly they have them in stock??? Seems so disorganised!

  2. Jo, the cynic in me thinks that maybe they just wanted to offload the smaller discontinued tiles & see if they could get away with it. On the other hand, it's probably just another example of their disorganisation. Truly !

  3. Hi Southies, pictures look really great. Have you made a decision about the tiles? Bel

  4. Belinda, there has been some confusion about what exactly was said by the DL person regarding which tiles were actually discontinued. The end result is that the laid laundry tiles are remaining, with our full agreement.

  5. Great result then - happy customer that's the main thing :) Hope then the other tile issues (discontinued ones) are all sorted out. Bel