Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tiles - AGAIN !!!

Have just been advised by DiLornezo that our wet area tiles have been discontinued !!! I am furious !!
What a lot of time-wasting going to & fro. Not to mention fuel cost !!

Now I have to return to their showroom in Castle Hill & try to find tiles from a pathetically small builder's range. Well, that will be unlikely.....since it was so difficult the 1st time !!

This is EB's fault. They make the customer choose tiles months & months before they're needed. So naturally, with tiles going in & out of fashion, they get deleted regularly.

Again.......SERIOUSLY POOR customer service. This scenario is most definitely not in the customer's interest. There needs to be a company policy change here - one of many.


  1. OH NO!
    that is so unfair :(
    hope you find another tile you like. Never know you might find something different you didn't see before that you like :)

  2. Such a pita!!! And going out there again - argghh. Let's hope the builders range has been updated to tiles that are the trend at the moment. Bel