Friday, April 17, 2009

YAY !! Got a phone call this arvo from the tiler. He is hoping to collect the tiles tomorrow from DL & wants to meet with us onsite. Now, to just be able to get the soccer match out of the way before he rings.

He's done the wet area floors !!! He'll be doing the walls Monday - woo hoo !!

Have not heard anything from our SS in 2 weeks. Tuesday before Easter, we sent him an email asking him to check that our variations had been followed up & installed. In particular :
  • packing out of cornices for wall tiles
  • extra noggins where our towel rails will go
  • positioning of concrete pad for LPG bottle
  • p/point to m/wave unit
  • vacpan installation
  • authorisation to allow carpet & blind companies onsite to measure up
It would be good to hear from him, so that he can allay our fears that these things have been forgotten.


  1. It's good to hear that at least the tiler is calling you? how come we didn't get a call? I wished they did then I wouldn't have had the hob saga are you going to check the extra noggins for the towel rails? which blind comp are you going with? did you get a reasonable quote?

  2. Y I found speaking to my CSR very helpful if I'm unable to catch my SS as they seem to be able to get them when they're in the office and they are able to pass your email on their phone.

  3. Regarding noggins ! No idea ! It's too late now. I remember emailing our SS several weeks ago about their exact positions & he responded in the positive.Whether this was actually done is a mystery to us. Am still looking at blind companies down south. They're all saying the same thing - wait until we are in. IMportant to pick the right product & colours to match the lighting in the rooms, the carpet & wall colours. So I'll get them in after we move in. As an interim, I'll buy those paper blinds for privacy.