Friday, May 29, 2009

Independent inspection scheduled for Monday - bring it oooooon! No idea when we're having our PCI.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The portaloo went last week, the padlocks are off the safety fencing which should be going tomorrow, the cleaners have been's all happening.......and any joe blow can get into our house because Eden Brae hasn't repaired the kitchen stacker doors !!!

Welcome to our house - come and take a free tour and while you're at it, take what you want !!! NOT HAPPY JAN ( read EDEN BRAE) !!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cleaning is happening as we speak !!! Our PCI hopefully will be locked in Friday for hopefully early next week along with Tyrrells'. Had hoped T's would have been done this week as advised by the SS.
He will be telling us Friday roughly when settlement will be happening - fingers crossed.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Popped around to the house this arvo & lo & behold........we have a garage door. I just love JASPER!! Unfortunately, the weather was seriously overcast & the door looked quite dark. Will definitely need a light coloured driveway to brighten the facade......the million dollar question - what colour ??!!

Checked the door for security & found that ALL the doors were UNLOCKED and the lounge room window wide open !!!!!!! I was furious at the blatant disregard for someone else's property.

So I took a snoop through. Well why not? EB can't really expect me to NOT walk through if the place is unlocked.

Generally, it looks great. We have been very lucky that on our house, we have had some good tradesmen & some fantastic tradesmen. Other EB builds have not been so lucky.

Now let's bring on the Tyrrell's inspection & OUR inspection.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Went to the house this morning to meet up with the concretor to discuss our driveway & what did we find, but our tilers finishing up our floors??!! This should mean that Tyrrell's will be well & truly doing the inspection middle of next week.
Would have loved to have a peek inside, but didn't want to get in the tiler's way. We are so pleased with his work - meticulous.
All that we could see through the windows is that the wires have been pulled through the gyprock. So, the sparkies will need to be back on Monday to install lights, p/points, etc...
I would love to know if the plumber has been to install our taps & toots.

The timing couldn't be more perfect as our lease ends in a couple of weeks.

Oh and the quote we got for the driveway made our day. As the concretor has his own concretor, he will also clean up & contour our backyard, side & front areas - a BONUS!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

I stuffed up !!!

I was told today that our bathroom wall lights won't be happening !!!!!!!!! Apparently, the electrical drawing shows the lights as CEILING lights. Well I checked it & it's true

I know for a fact that I asked for vanity wall lights at my electrical appointment. But the consultant used the wrong symbols when recording this request. As these symbols are similar to wall lights, I missed it when checking the plans before sign-off.

Totally my fault. Back to the drawing board for lights now.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few weeks ago, we had issue with the fact that our bathroom & toilet cornices had not been packed out, as per variation.
To EB's credit it was quickly fixed. However, we didn't notice until weeks later that the toilet was forgotten. Forgotten - how? Who knows! But the good news is, that it's been done!

Congrats to our SS who had it sorted & who seems to be flying through all the other things which n eed finalising.

Our benchtop arrived yesterday along with our kitchen tap - looks !@#$%^ gorgeous! Fantastic ! and our tiler started tiling our floors today.

Oh & we noticed on the weekend that EB have painted the lintels above our windows. That's impressive !
On the other hand our front & rear taps look tacky because they protrude from the walls with chunky mortar holding them in place. I don't get this. If Eden Brae can pay attention to detailing the windows, why can't they do the taps also by attaching a ring covering the mortar ?????? This is what we have - just hideous by Eden Brae's standards :

This is what I expected to see (courtesy of a Homeone Forum member ).
What a difference :

Latest pics :

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Well the latest is that our SS is trying to get everything done over the next few days, ready for Tyrrrell's inspection next week !!!!
At that stage, he will have a better idea as to when handover will be happening. Maybe if all goes well, we might have hand over before the middle of next month. Woo Hoo !!!

Also the council approved our side brick plans entirely. They were causing a fuss with our double gates at the rear of the property & wanted us to step them in, by a whopping 1.5 metres, in addition to splaying them. You've got to be kidding !!!!!!!!!!!
Well, they gave up that idea totally after checking the site & discovering that the splayed entrance would be impossible due to 2 telegraph poles being in the way. Yay !
So WE WIN and get the fence we originally designed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things are looking great today.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We are well & truly locked out ! No matter, as all painting has been done - as far as we can tell, looking through dirty windows. The balcony posts are DONE ! Finally the exterior looks almost complete.

Our staircase balustrade has been stained. Was so looking forward to this, as I wanted the same effect as in the Georges Fair display. Am pretty disappointed with the colour. When I specified jarrah, I was expecting a very dark stain. In reality, it's a maple colour - looks pretty ordinary. No way is it going to match either the tiles or the carpet we've chosen.

Our kitchen bench is yet to be changed. Hope this doesn't prevent the tiler from starting the downstairs floor areas.

The portaloo is gone. Never been happier to see it gone. That must mean we're on the home stretch.

Some pics :

The worrisome JASPER front door :

The so-called JARRAH stained balustrade :

Monday, May 11, 2009

EB have more or less kept up the activity on the house, though it could be faster. Of course, the miriad of completed little details are hard to spot but we can see that things are being done, even if rather slowly.
The waiting is painful. We can see that if all the trades were available, we could definitely be in by the end of the month!!!
The colder temperatures have now made the completion more urgent. Our fibro rental is excruciatingly coooooold. We dread bringing out the heaters, as we don't want to face another horrendously expensive power bill. Last year was bad enough.

Apparently, the safety fencing is coming down by the end of the week. Now that should be interesting - a proper view of the house.

Our SS advised that he is hoping to get Tyrrell's out for the final inspection at the end of the month. He is also trying to get the tiler out to start on the downstairs floors.
What's left to do?
  • sealing of nail holes on internal joinery
  • completion of internal painting
  • door handles
  • kitchen appliances
  • repairs to scratched & dented sliding door tracks
  • repair to rusty garage door frame
  • installation of taps, toilets,etc
  • shower screens, towel rails
  • installation of p/points, light switches, lighting, etc
  • floortiles
  • balustrade staining
  • painting of balcony posts & various misc external details
  • touch-ups to moroka
In the meantime, we have started on the side fence. We have dug the trench for the brick portion, the reo is in & the concrete will be poured on the weekend.
We are still waiting on Council to approve the double gates at the rear. But this won't prevent us from completing what we can. Will need to research materials which will need to be temporaily attached to the fence, to provide privacy while our shrubs grow to a reasonable height.