Monday, May 11, 2009

EB have more or less kept up the activity on the house, though it could be faster. Of course, the miriad of completed little details are hard to spot but we can see that things are being done, even if rather slowly.
The waiting is painful. We can see that if all the trades were available, we could definitely be in by the end of the month!!!
The colder temperatures have now made the completion more urgent. Our fibro rental is excruciatingly coooooold. We dread bringing out the heaters, as we don't want to face another horrendously expensive power bill. Last year was bad enough.

Apparently, the safety fencing is coming down by the end of the week. Now that should be interesting - a proper view of the house.

Our SS advised that he is hoping to get Tyrrell's out for the final inspection at the end of the month. He is also trying to get the tiler out to start on the downstairs floors.
What's left to do?
  • sealing of nail holes on internal joinery
  • completion of internal painting
  • door handles
  • kitchen appliances
  • repairs to scratched & dented sliding door tracks
  • repair to rusty garage door frame
  • installation of taps, toilets,etc
  • shower screens, towel rails
  • installation of p/points, light switches, lighting, etc
  • floortiles
  • balustrade staining
  • painting of balcony posts & various misc external details
  • touch-ups to moroka
In the meantime, we have started on the side fence. We have dug the trench for the brick portion, the reo is in & the concrete will be poured on the weekend.
We are still waiting on Council to approve the double gates at the rear. But this won't prevent us from completing what we can. Will need to research materials which will need to be temporaily attached to the fence, to provide privacy while our shrubs grow to a reasonable height.


  1. do you think we'll get Tyrrell's inspection report? when I hear about what your SS tells I just find it unbelievable that our SS just will not provide us with any information at all..I have to ask him everything, and he still won't answer sometimes.

  2. We will be asking for it. Actually, we didn't receive the last one - will chase that up with our CSR. If you are having issues with your SS, then get your CSR to issue any documentation that you require & to also find out what's going on. Afterall, that's what she's paid to do, isn't she?