Thursday, May 21, 2009

A few weeks ago, we had issue with the fact that our bathroom & toilet cornices had not been packed out, as per variation.
To EB's credit it was quickly fixed. However, we didn't notice until weeks later that the toilet was forgotten. Forgotten - how? Who knows! But the good news is, that it's been done!

Congrats to our SS who had it sorted & who seems to be flying through all the other things which n eed finalising.

Our benchtop arrived yesterday along with our kitchen tap - looks !@#$%^ gorgeous! Fantastic ! and our tiler started tiling our floors today.

Oh & we noticed on the weekend that EB have painted the lintels above our windows. That's impressive !
On the other hand our front & rear taps look tacky because they protrude from the walls with chunky mortar holding them in place. I don't get this. If Eden Brae can pay attention to detailing the windows, why can't they do the taps also by attaching a ring covering the mortar ?????? This is what we have - just hideous by Eden Brae's standards :

This is what I expected to see (courtesy of a Homeone Forum member ).
What a difference :

Latest pics :

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