Sunday, May 17, 2009

We are well & truly locked out ! No matter, as all painting has been done - as far as we can tell, looking through dirty windows. The balcony posts are DONE ! Finally the exterior looks almost complete.

Our staircase balustrade has been stained. Was so looking forward to this, as I wanted the same effect as in the Georges Fair display. Am pretty disappointed with the colour. When I specified jarrah, I was expecting a very dark stain. In reality, it's a maple colour - looks pretty ordinary. No way is it going to match either the tiles or the carpet we've chosen.

Our kitchen bench is yet to be changed. Hope this doesn't prevent the tiler from starting the downstairs floor areas.

The portaloo is gone. Never been happier to see it gone. That must mean we're on the home stretch.

Some pics :

The worrisome JASPER front door :

The so-called JARRAH stained balustrade :

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