Saturday, May 23, 2009

Went to the house this morning to meet up with the concretor to discuss our driveway & what did we find, but our tilers finishing up our floors??!! This should mean that Tyrrell's will be well & truly doing the inspection middle of next week.
Would have loved to have a peek inside, but didn't want to get in the tiler's way. We are so pleased with his work - meticulous.
All that we could see through the windows is that the wires have been pulled through the gyprock. So, the sparkies will need to be back on Monday to install lights, p/points, etc...
I would love to know if the plumber has been to install our taps & toots.

The timing couldn't be more perfect as our lease ends in a couple of weeks.

Oh and the quote we got for the driveway made our day. As the concretor has his own concretor, he will also clean up & contour our backyard, side & front areas - a BONUS!!!


  1. do you think the concretor would come out my way? it seems like we are both so close to the end, cannot wait to finish.

  2. Hi southies,

    Appreciate if you can share the contact details of the concreter , we are looking to get our driveway done as well and in search of a good reasonable concreter

    Thanks alot in advance

  3. Any way of doing this without giving out his details here in the comments ?