Sunday, June 28, 2009

I had this brilliant idea of sealing the grout lines on our ground floor. Our off-white grout would stay off-white. WHOAAA!!!! What was I thinking ???
I managed to do only 3/4 of our family room and then gave up because I couldn't kneel any longer. It took me almost 3 hours & not even 1 room finished !!!
I stood up veeerrrry slowly, unkinking my joints, looked down the long hall at all of the tiles still to do & decided THAT'S IT, I'M DONE!!
At the moment, I feel like I've been run over. Absolutely EVERYTHING aches!! and I haven't even started packing for the move on Saturday.
The decision has been made : I'll be sealing the grout lines in the shower recesses only. THAT, I can manage.

The priority right now is to PACK! 6 more sleeps !

Have been trying to get in touch with the concretor to sort out the driveway colour. Still not sure about going with plain concrete, even though that was the decision.
He is AWOL!! Not answering our phone calls & not responding to our messages. Looks like tomorrow's driveway is OFF.


  1. bler you have doen better than me. I've 3/4 done the main bathroom floor and that's it. Have to finish it off at the end of the week after I've washed the floors as the tiling wasn't clean from the cork work done just outside the room. Not sure what else to do. Loo? I know the laundry is bound to get messy too. I think I might settle for just doing the shower recess in our ensuite. Good luck if you do some more. Or did you do anywhere else first?

  2. Nope, did the family room. Got exhausted, then moved on to the main bathroom shower recess. I'll be doing the other shower recesses & NO MORE! I'm still buggered.

  3. We have purchased some spray cans of sealer. I am wondering if that's what you used? I think you spray it on and wipe off the residue. Oh you poor thing. My knees are aching already...not looking forward to THAT part.

  4. Hey there themax, we were given AQUAMIX Ultra-Solve by Di Lorenzo. You apply it with a brush!!! What a killer. Gave up. Have done the shower recesses only. The floor grout will just have to survive without it. I could have sprayed it on too, if I had wanted to seal the tiles. But didn't take that option. Good luck.