Friday, June 5, 2009

I just knew we wouldn't get in this month . Tyrrell's report was pretty extensive. I really don't see how they can do the rectifications, 2nd inspection & our PCI as well, then handover in the next 3 weeks.
So after our SS saw the report, he still couldn't give us a time frame for handover. We have to talk again on Wednesday. Maybe then, he can give us an idea. ::praying:: ::praying::
It's sooooo disappointing........sooo, sooo close.......yet soooo far.


  1. Great that Tyrrells was thorough, but no so great they found so much. Any show stoppers that you are concerned about? Hang in there Southies, you are so close, and hopefully once you get better timeframes you can see and end! Bel :)

  2. Thanks's the downlights in our entry f& down the hall from there. They're all off to the left ie not centred. They picked it up & it's up for discussion at some point.

  3. Just had to visit, despite my ridiculously slow internet connection, to thank you so much for your divine comments over at my place. They mean so much to me. I sooo hope you get into your home soon. It's so frustrating isn't it. It's good that your inspections are so thorough though. We had to move in without inspections (very wrong, I know) as our lease was up and we had nowhere to go. We are hoping that repairs will be done in good faith as our builders want to take photos and they wont be getting anything unless they have done their end of the bargain. Good luck with it all.. you will be in soon and everything will be perfect. A-M xx

  4. Sorry hun so close yet so far away hey. and like Am said it wont be long and you will be in there safe and sound :)