Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No inspection Monday. Extremely disappointed about this. Moving it to Thursday means this process has now been dragged out for another week !!!

I will be seriously surprised if we move in before the end of June. SS promised (months ago) that he'd get us in by mid May. Had serious doubts about his claim. On the other hand I predicted that it wouldn't happen until early July - in time for my 50th !!! Looks like I was right.
What a way to celebrate - moving & cleaning - ugh! Will be too buggered to celebrate or even care for that matter.


  1. Fingers crossed there are no more delays and you finally get pci and handover going in the next 2 weeks. The end bit is the worst I think because you can see your house/home and it's soooo close to being yours..

  2. Ah bugger didn't realise it was pushed back to today. How did it go? Ummm 50th......what a birthday present - a new house Whoohhooo!!! Yep I reackon you'll be in soon. (Well fingers crossed anyway for you)


  3. Our SS said that when he sees the size of the report TOMORROW(I hope), then he'll have an idea when we get handover.

    Yep, what a 50th???!!! .....& 51st & 52nd & 53rd & 54th etc..... LOL.

  4. Had no idea about the 50th - so very happy for you and excited!!!