Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our PCI went well this morning.

All the items listed in Tyrrell's report were discussed. In addition to a couple of things we picked up. Nothing major to be concerned about.

The only downside was that the downlights in the entry (see pic 1) can't be moved due to a beam running right through the hallway. This was our fault as we reduced the width of the house. The only 2 options are to either add 2 more lights in line with the existing 2 on the other side OR remove them altogether & replace them with a fancy pendant. I like the idea of a fancy pendant but because we have d/lights running down the hallway to the kitchen (see pic 2), we should probably install d/lights in the entry. Either way, this will be done after settlement at our cost.

Actually, what do my followers think ? Take a look at both pics. You can see the d/lights continuing down the hall. These are the ONLY d/lights in the house.
Should I keep the d/lights in the entry & add 2 more, to make 4 in the coffered ceiling
Can I get away with a pendant instead of the d/lights, making the 3 d/lights in the hallway the only ones in the house? I think it might look silly.
What do you think?

2 weeks until handover won't be happening. Our new SS will try to get all 6 trades back this week & next week. Next Friday he will contact us to advise handover date. But he seemed to think end of June is more than likely. FINGERS CROSSED !!!


  1. either option is good but I'd go with keeping the downlights and just add two more ; just thought this would be less hassles but my only concern with this would be if this looked too much for a small area???

  2. yea I would keep the down lights and just add another two on the other side can you get a lower watt D/L? I don't know may be you can add lower watt to ensure its not too bright.

  3. Thanks girls, I agree. Will have to find out about the lower watt globes, then.