Friday, June 26, 2009

Well, it's done - we have our keys !!!!!!!!
Now the hard work starts in preparation for the move. Cleaning, cleaning & cleaning the rental.........not to mention packing AGAIN, sealing all the tiles, sealing the shower screens, laying the driveway, carpet installation , LPG connection, phone connection..........and it just goes on.
Appliances don't get installed until next Friday, if our SS can get the suppliers organised. Don't know what went wrong here, but that was the agreement a week ago. If we can atleast get the plumber out to install the HWS, that would make life easier. Bugger the cooktop & oven......takeaway for me anyday (no cooking).


  1. How exciting I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible. Now for the exciting part, moving in and making your house a home.

  2. Congratulations guys, will be great to finally be in your lovely new home. You must be so excited moving into such a beautiful and big home.
    Hopefully we won't be far behind you :-)
    John & Tarin.

  3. Woohoo! Congrats guys - well worth the wait :)

  4. congrats. So pleased you have your keys. What are you going to seal your tiles with? Ash was keen to tell me /warn me about sealing them the other day but I told him it was too late as I'd already started with some stuff i bought in Bunnings.

  5. I'm totally buggered. Everything aches from my neck down to my toes. I've been sealing the grout in our family room with AQUAMIX Ultra-Solv. It takes forever!!!!! I've decided there's no way I can do the entire ground floor!!!! And I still haven't starte packing!!!!!