Friday, July 24, 2009

Not much has happened since the driveway went in.

We have almost finished the tiling of the 3 bathrooms. Poor S comes home worn out from work only to start the tiling almost immediately.
I have been sealing the ground floor grout in the living areas. Almost done! Doing it an hour at a time, is physically manageable. The poor knees are bearing up well.

Have been back at work for 2 weeks now. Unfortunately, that leaves me only 1 weekday where I am able to slot in on-site quotes for blinds, wardrobes, flyscreens.

The blinds have been decided on & ordered. Got on to a great little business in Revesby run by Glen, which was recommended by a fellow Homeone Forum member. The service I got was exceptional & Glen is lovely to deal with. The internet can certainly be a wonderful thing. I got 2 other quotes from companies down here in the Shire & they were ridiculously expensive !! Also, the 3rd company which was recommended by EB & which was a front-runner, never got back to me. They obviously didn't want my business, so I went elsewhere.

The roller blinds should be fitted in 3 weeks. That will be a relief as the paper Redishades are becoming less manageable the more they are used.
This is the translulcent fabric for the ground floor. This allows light in during the day but privacy at night. I just adore this pattern. Our decor is simple & I feel the design will add a bit of interest. Hopefully it won't be too much interest.

I've had 1 measure-up for the fit-out of the wardrobes. Have yet to see the quote. As our wardrobes & WIR are huge, I can see that I will probably fall off my chair when I get it.
Need to get out to the showrooms to check out the competition but until the soccer season is over, that's unlikely. They don't trade on Sundays - what an absolute PAIN!

Flyscreens are booked in for next week - so many bugs getting in. A bit of a worry with summer not too far away.

The main living area around the kitchen is a bit of a bomb site, still. Boxes & boxes. It will be weeks before my wall unit is built & installed to take the contents of those boxes. Until then, the bomb site will remain.

Have been on the lookout for 2 side tables to take my gorgeous lamps in the lounge room. At the moment they're still on the floor. Might take me a while to get them off the floor.

We will shortly have our Interim Occupancy Certificate. Spoke to the certifier & it's all organised. That was a huuge relief, as we'd moved in without it & I was expecting some kind of fine.
Hoping to get the side fence started within a couple of weeks. It will be lovely to feel secure. At the moment our entire block is open to anyone who wants to enter it - not a pleasant feeling.

Also, going to Amber Tiles Sunday to select some kitchen tiles, alfresco & entry tiles & stepping stones while their sale is on! Got to save some money somewhere.

That's it for now...........

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  1. Just wanted to say how much i like your blind fabric. I really love those little swirls. I think they will look lovely.