Friday, August 28, 2009

Fence - Part 1

As promised, a couple of outside pics.

This side fence has been more trouble than the entire house put together. Finally, the bricking is complete. We will shortly be ordering rod top aluminium infill panels for between the brick piers.
Also, we have finally found a fencer to install the lap'n'cap fence & double gates joining the brick fence & completing the side wall. That should be going in, in about 2 weeks.
It's just so annoying to have every process take weeks & weeks. Just getting a tradie to turn up is a frustrating feat. Some don't even bother to ring to say they're not coming.

S & his father have painstakingly built a retaining wall around the bakc of the house. It is starting to look tidier. At this very moment, both are cleaning up the rear yard of bricks, concrete, rubbish. So next is to tidy up, level off & bring in the good dirt in preparation for turfing. Yippee!!!!!! Can't wait !!!

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  1. Hi Southies,

    The fence and the retaining walls look great! A great effort by S & his father.

    We are also looking at similar retaining wall materials for our landscaping. Could you please let us know what type and colour you are using?