Sunday, August 2, 2009

The quotes are rolling in & as expected they are obscene!!!
3 built-in robes & WIR - $4,700 & $3,700!!! I'd hate to see the cost of added doors!! Yet to see the 3rd quote.
Flyscreens for the entire house, not including the french doors - $ 1,500 & $3,000!! How on earth can you compare those 2 when one is double the other?? Will try 2 more recommended by a couple of Homeone members.

I'm sure these companies see a new house & decide ' let's see how much we can gouge out of the suckers '! Grrrrrr.

The 2 upstairs bathrooms & toilet have finally be tiled. Poor S! He hasn't a moment of peace, what with his job and the tiling. His take on it, is that he's putting his stamp on the place - a kind of bonding - oh brother ! I'm sure I could find a less painful way of bonding. Hahaha.

Yippee, the brick fence goes up this week. Should be finished Friday. I also need to get on to a couple of fencers to quote on the lap'n'cap fencing. It'll be great to have privacy. Once the fence is done, we can clear out the mess on the alfrecso and place our outdoor furniture there. That means the garage gets somewhat freed up & we might even get a car in there.

Our concretor/landscaper has been AWOL for 2 weeks. Pretty frustrating, as he was supposed to level our yard with his bobcat & build our retaining wall. Finally heard from him yesterday after I text messaged him to say that we had bought retaining wall blocks & that we were going to start without him. Apparently, he's taken on so much work, he hasn't had time to come back. Tradies !!!!
Anyhow, hoping he'll be back next week. No point this week as S is in NZ.

That's it for now. Veeeeery slow progress but atleast things are moving, albeit slowly.

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