Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sorry but nothing really new to add except that our retaining wall is almost done & our brick fence is now complete. The hard part is finding timber fence tradesmen who actually turn up to quote, when they say they will. Grrrrr!
Apart from that, our blinds FINALLY go in on Thursday. A seriously looong wait after the fiasco of the discontinued chosen fabric. Now that was a major disappointment.

Our US trip is getting closer. Have booked all accommodation (Disneyland, NY, San Francisco) & now organising a side trip to Toronto to see relos. A lot still to finalise in addition to the house 'stuff'.

We still haven't gotten around to buying our light fittings. No where to store them while we do all the other things.

Will post some boring outside pics this weekend of the fence & retaining wall & maybe of our blinds.


  1. Hi Southies, glad to see that it's all coming together.

    No pics are ever boring! Yes please, post some pics of your fence, retaining and your blinds, what material did you end up going for?

  2. Hey Jochicho, both the translucents & blockouts have a slight textured look to them. Not too noticeable as the pattern is nothing to get excited about. Well, not compared to the swirl pattern as originally intended.

  3. Your house look amazing! We're supposed to build exactly the same house but tender stage took EB so long, so we've decided to dropped the deal and find a new builder. We've been reading your blog for a while now and we're really happy for you.

  4. Thanks climbaholic, for a volume builder EB did OK. However, if I could do it again, I would definitely give Wisdom a go.