Monday, September 7, 2009

I wish I could add some new pics, but we are still waiting for our lap'n'cap fence. Hopefully, it will be installed next week.
We're also waiting for our flyscreens. Hopefully, next week also. The supplier of these was recommended by danma, a Homeone Forum member. Yay danma! The roller blind supplier was also her recommendation.

In two weeks our wardrobes & WIR will be fitted out. The only difficulty will be removing the shelves & hanging rails which I should have had deleted from our build! * rolls eyes*. I just didn't think of them at all.

Have realised, that the wrong ducted vacuum motor has been installed. The only way I know this is that our contract stated that the motor would have an outlet on it for vacuuming our cars. Well this motor certainly has no outlet. Will have to get on to EB to either swap them or give us some kind of refund.

Another issue was that our front balcony did not get the stainless steel rails, as the brickie went up too high. This was pointed out to us & we agreed not to have them. However, we forgot to record this & consequently S only rememberd 2 weeks ago. To EB's credit, they instantly organised a refund of $2,500!!!! Now that's a lot of money to forget!!!

Will post some pics when the fence finally goes up. Yay, privacy at last.


  1. That fence is going to be great! It really suits the house. Good choice. You must be over the moon now. I look forward to that feeling. HA ha.

  2. You really have to be patient when you're building a house; would be great to see what you've done with the WIR - I'm still trying to work out what I need. I think this will have to be put in the back burner as I still need to do the window coverings next. Love your fence.