Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monday is going to be a BUSY day - the installation of some major stuff!! Can't wait!!
The lap'n'cap side fence - privacy at last!
The rest of our flyscreens - several had to be re-made due to wrong sizes
A few adjustments to our roller blinds
AND the fit out of our 4 wardrobes !!

As I was silly enough to forget to delete the shelf & rail in all our robes, I now have to rip them out!! Unfortunately, the wall is being ripped off in the process, since the installers used silicone? to glue the support rails to the walls! !@#$%^^
Pics of the damage & this is on EVERY wall :

S is sooo happy with me over this affair - not! He didn't want to spend the money to fit out the robes in the 1st place, let alone make good the walls before the installation. Regardless of what he thinks, it's happening on Monday - can't wait.
We really need to have those spaces utilised efficiently, as we have little storage in the house apart from them.
The massive 5 metre built-in storage unit in our family room won't be happening. The quote was way, way over budget- $6,000 !! Opted for a large pantry cupboard instead, as a minimum, which is an absolute must in our small kitchen. So getting the robes fitted out properly was imperative.

Will have pics of the finished fence & robes after the weekend!

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