Monday, September 21, 2009

Not much to say. Just new pics of the latest additions to the house. A very slow process but getting there !


  1. Hi Yv,

    Did you get your work to do this? I mean your walk ins? love it, I wish I can get mine done but we've run out of cash....will have to be for next year. Your house is looking spectacular.

  2. No Hermyleen, all robes were done by Complete Wardrobes at Taren Point. Pretty happy with them & the price.

  3. Hi, I have just requested a tender from Eden Brae & am heavily being pushed into getting the package price (im only intereted in the base price), I noticed you went the base price aswell. Is their any advice you can offer, was there much difference in the price compared to the base v package?

  4. New Home, we added the 'Yes Included Sale' for an additional $2,500, where we got various extras.