Friday, November 6, 2009

Not much to add at this point. A couple of pics of paving.

Have only recently returned from a 4 week holiday & S is madly trying to catch up with work at work! Hence, very little time to work on the paving on the weekends - hard at it on the laptop.

Ho hum, this will just have to be a long drawn out affair, along with the fencing!

The utility side of the house :

The street-side of the house, looking toward the front of the block :

Looking back the other way to the back of the house :

Looking from the front entry acros the front wall of the house :

Have run out of pavers & retaining wall blocks. Won't be able to complete the paths for another 2 weeks!

Also waiting for the rain to clear up, to be able to once again 'ROUND UP' the grass & weeds. Hopefully, this weekend. Then the soil & turf can be laid! No more dirt in the house - can't wait!


  1. Those pavers are as straight as a ruler. Gorgeous!Hoe yuo had a nice holiday, now back to work.

  2. Nice work guys. What is that material you've used for the pathways that the stepping stones are set in?

  3. Thanks themax ! 'Blood,sweat & tears' to get the line right, believe me!
    Yup, back to work & now planning on the turfing - 'bout time!

    JohnnyD, it's decomposed granite from BC Sands, Taren Point.

  4. The words 'long and drawnout' are synonymous with the words 'building a house' aren't they!! You don't want to know what is going on behind the scenes here.... I had to stop whinging on my blog for fear of litigation! Your place is looking great and the paving so neat! A-M xx

  5. can you tell me where you're getting your plants? and what you're doing with your soil? have no clue what to do here... have you given your defect list? anyone come around yet?

  6. Hermyleen, I'll send you a PM through Homeone.