Saturday, December 19, 2009


We've finally finished the fence! Though we've still got to source sandstone pier cappings, but that's not a major issue.
No more dog escapes, no more open invitations to would-be burglars, no more unwanted dogs, etc....

We're very happy with it. We wanted to maintain the 'open' feel to the block. As the side boundary is sooo long, we didn't want to install a massive ugly wall.

Next step is to organise the plants. We will be planting murrayas along the perimeter of the block - reliable, fragrant, drought tolerant. Murrayas tick all the boxes. That's the 1st plant decision made.
The choice of front yard plantings is also almost finalised with the help of a wonderfully generous H1 member. With the massive choices out there, I have changed my mind a zillion times. Her advice has been invaluable & it has stopped me from going totally crazy.


  1. Your house is huge Southies!
    Fence looks great….:)

  2. Your house is huge Southies!
    Fence looks great…:)

  3. hi southies,

    we will be building our new home with EB and we're preparing for our contract appointment. i'd like to be able to ask them as much questions on the day so i'm doing my research.. may i know what colour your bricks are? we've been looking at houses in the ponds and saw similar colour which looks really good...


  4. Hi alanamaree, our bricks are Boral Blue Mountains Collection Colour Blackheath. We still adore the colour & have no regrets. Be warned though, I believe they are an upgrade. Good luck on your journey.