Monday, March 1, 2010

Just a quick update.
We've finally installed our pier caps. The fencing is DONE !!!!!!

I spent a couple of hours sealing them, which was sooo easy. They'll hopefully stay clean for some time to come, as I gave them 2 coats of AQUAMIX something-or-other . Would you believe I've forgotten the name . We're very happy with the final result.

Yesterday I ordered our Hebe Wiri Clouds for our front garden. These will be planted around the perimeter & will hopefully provide a gorgeous hedge. Just adore the colour :

I've yet to finalise the feature garden in the middle of our front yard. I've got to measure it out, etc......That's the next step.

I did say this was a quick visit.


  1. your home is lovely....I am in Yowie Bay ...thought you might be interested that someone in our street has also built your home design :) You might like to drive by and compare !!

  2. Other people building our house is just fine, as long as they don't do it too close to ours! Haha
    Yowie Bay is a lovely area - lucky you!

  3. Hi there, love your house and fence. We are building a cambridge at the moment with eden brae. We have to have similar fencing to you in the estate we are in. We haven't been brave enough to get any quotes yet. I was wondering roughly how much we are up for. Oh, and love your tiling under the alfresco. Looks great

  4. Hi Adam & Kate! Thanks for the positive rap.
    The brick & aluminium panel portion was 23LM long.
    The cost breakdown was :
    Bricks - free leftovers
    Bricklaying - $2800
    Supplies for brickies - $380
    Extra bricks - $160
    Brick cleaning - $400
    Aluminium panels - $2700. Hubby installed these.
    Cement pier caps - $220. Hubby installed these.
    TOTAL - $6660