Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Room

Popped into a $2 shop - love the bargains you can pick up - occasionally!!! So found these - vase & bowl. Just love the vibrant green which goes just fabulously with the dark timber.

I'll throw around a splash of yellow here-and-there as well, to tie in with my feature plate that sits on our large coffee table (courtesy of ebay!!!!)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Very Early Birthday Present to MOI !!

A very special person who shall remain unnamed ( thank you unowho for my unowot), helped me obtain this amazing shadowbox wall decor!!! I have been chasing these down around Sydney for a few weeks now, trying to get one at a more reasonable price. SUCCESS!

Here it is, in all it's blurred 900 x 900 glory. It'll remain boxed up until my birthday in July, when I'll have to convince S to hang it up over our striped sofa.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lighting- Mark 2

It took 2 hours in the showroom today plus 1 & 1/2 hours at home but we've settled on our lights. The consultant, Lyn, was fantastic !!! The place is called Lighting Affairs at Sutherland if anyone is interested in getting top class service...... and she even allowed us to take some fittings home to try them out.

We've made quite a few changes. Here you go !
Lounge room - - the 4 d/lights in the square setting :

Island bench pendants:

Facade, either side of garage door :

Dining - my favourite :

UPSTAIRS - bedrooms, upstair hall, toilet, WIR :

DOWNSTAIRS - study, family & kitchen :

Outdoor Tiling

I just couldn't resist, though it's not quite finished & cleaned up, but YAY!!!!! our tiling is almost complete !!!! The rain couldn't have come at a worse time ( yes I know we need it ) but it could have waited 2 more days for the grout to dry. Hoping the weather holds tomorrow so that the entry can be finished, plus our under stairt storage area.

The mosaics are a slight disappointment because they are now no longer off-white but slightly pink. Another 'Oh well' moment.

The tilers have done a great job on the entry, particularly as we have a silly side 'step' if you can call it that, which is about 1 cm above the driveway level.

Front landing :

Our entry comprises 2 levels, of which the lower one had to be screeded. This is what we're hoping to have finished tomorrow, weather permitting.

Alfresco :

Friday, May 14, 2010


3 months later our murrayas are growing - ever so slowly! We have been using seasol & powerfeed regularly & only started with molasses a week ago. We were expecting more growth. A bit disappointing to say the least.

early Feb 2010:
early March 2010 :

middle May 2010; check out the closest shrub - victim of basketball attack :
Sorry about the long periods between posts, but at this stage, developments are very slow.

Nothing much going on around the house at the moment! Dithering about what to do with a couple of garden beds at the side of the house. This is one of them :

Need to order soil to build them up & might just plant a row of C. sasanquas. I like this one, Jennifer-Susan :

Have been adivsed by a fellow H1er (thankyou TheMax) that I will need to test the soil's ph levels before planting. Bunnings is selling a ph kit for $16 though I think we have litmus paper packed somewhere .

Also planning to move a large frangipani from the rear of the yard to under our front balcony.
I will enlarge the existing garden bed currently under our balcony & bring it out toward the middle of our front yard. Can't plant it out too far from the balcony as our neighbour asked us not to block their waterviews !!!! What could I say to that ? I had originally planned to have a feature garden located where our side & front boundaries meet, but that was going to be right in their line of vision to the river !

Unfortunately, the transplant will need to wait until the end of August. So patience is a must here.
This is the tree :

& it will be going here :

Around the perimeter of the newly formed gardenbed, I would love to plant something similar to these :

It would be great to be able to create an effect somewhat like this - still thinking about it :

Got this armchair with matching footstool on ebay today. What a steal! Buying on ebay can be risky but the chair is very comfortable & the colours go beautifully with our decor.

We're finally moving closer to finalising our light fittings. Would you believe, after 9 months here, we still have globes sticking out of our ceilings. It's funny what you don't notice if it's above your head. LOL.
I've organised to have the local light store come out & make some suggestions. We did have some styles picked out a year ago but since then we've changed our minds.

As so0n as we've picked the lights, I will be posting them here.