Friday, May 28, 2010

Family Room

Popped into a $2 shop - love the bargains you can pick up - occasionally!!! So found these - vase & bowl. Just love the vibrant green which goes just fabulously with the dark timber.

I'll throw around a splash of yellow here-and-there as well, to tie in with my feature plate that sits on our large coffee table (courtesy of ebay!!!!)


  1. Fantastic purchase for $2! Well done... love the green. Thank you for your support over my way. I'm taking your advice and taking heaps of photos tomorrow. A-M xx

  2. ok, so these vase and plate are stunning can i please ask what $2 shop you bought them from, cause i think i need some too... thank you

  3. Hi Shan, they're great aren't they?! Now bear in mind, they are not ceramic but a light material claimed to be a type of bamboo.
    I think the shop is called DOLLAR ?? It's on the bottom level of Westfield, across from MBF behind the cheap haircut salon.
    Hope you find them!

  4. Good finds Southies, love the green.

  5. hey there.. love the dark cabinetry and the light green. Also that chunky square coffee table is right up my alley. Unfortunately, retaining walls and flooring are commanding too much attention and vases and furniture will have to wait. Enjoying reading your progress! Looking forward to moving in but also scared beepless about all the work to come. Your experience has many lessons to note..

  6. hey there.. love the dark cabinets and striking green against it. Also that chunky coffee table is right up my alley.

    Unfortunately retaining walls, fencing and flooring are demanding priority in our budget. Furniture and gorgeous accessories on the backburner.

    Looking forward to but also slightly dreading moving in. So much work to do.. but your detailed accounts are lessons to note. I enjoy reading it all!