Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lighting- Mark 2

It took 2 hours in the showroom today plus 1 & 1/2 hours at home but we've settled on our lights. The consultant, Lyn, was fantastic !!! The place is called Lighting Affairs at Sutherland if anyone is interested in getting top class service...... and she even allowed us to take some fittings home to try them out.

We've made quite a few changes. Here you go !
Lounge room - - the 4 d/lights in the square setting :

Island bench pendants:

Facade, either side of garage door :

Dining - my favourite :

UPSTAIRS - bedrooms, upstair hall, toilet, WIR :

DOWNSTAIRS - study, family & kitchen :


  1. ooohh nice......lovely. i have been meaning to get to that shop so will have to make an extra effort. Love your choices. Beautiful.

  2. OMG Southies, I love the island bench lights!
    Nice shopping…..