Saturday, May 22, 2010

Outdoor Tiling

I just couldn't resist, though it's not quite finished & cleaned up, but YAY!!!!! our tiling is almost complete !!!! The rain couldn't have come at a worse time ( yes I know we need it ) but it could have waited 2 more days for the grout to dry. Hoping the weather holds tomorrow so that the entry can be finished, plus our under stairt storage area.

The mosaics are a slight disappointment because they are now no longer off-white but slightly pink. Another 'Oh well' moment.

The tilers have done a great job on the entry, particularly as we have a silly side 'step' if you can call it that, which is about 1 cm above the driveway level.

Front landing :

Our entry comprises 2 levels, of which the lower one had to be screeded. This is what we're hoping to have finished tomorrow, weather permitting.

Alfresco :


  1. I like the insert section on your porch. what a lovely idea for a feature.

  2. curious to know what tiles you used? were these part of your e/b package?

  3. No, we did these after handover - bought the tiles ourselves & paid a tiler cash, to lay them.