Friday, July 16, 2010

Outdoor Tiling

Just adding a few updated pics of our outdoor tiling. As you can see, landscaping still has a way to go.......but we'll get there.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've finally settled on the curtains for our downstairs living areas. They'll hopefully be up in about a month. So no more curious walkers looking into the house from the street. For a while there, we did get used to living in a 'goldfish bowl' but it's now become quite annoying.

The shrubs will take a loooong time to fulfill their role as a privacy screen, so curtains it is.
The bonus of having curtains is that they will add a bit of character to the rooms. At the moment, the rooms are rather bland.

This is the sheer -Nettex Malabar in Almond. It has 2 fine stripes - taupe & beige. The fabric is almost like an organza. Very pretty with a shimmer.

And these are the rods.

Next, we will be ordering the 20 S. Camellias - Jennifer Susan. Hoping to get them in the ground in the next 2 weeks. Have had an offer from a friend with 'green fingers' to help plant them - woo hoo !!! Thank you L. x

Would have preferred Betty Ridley because of its perfect form but the nursery was out of stock. Left it too late!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kitchen Pendants

One year & 5 days after having moved in, our last lights have been installed!!!! FINALLY!!!
We love the look of them, but now the lighting is much lower & not from the battens in the bulkhead, so it will take some getting used to.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Lights

Our lights are finally up, except for the kitchen pendants - still waiting on the warm white globes . We've tried to keep the fittings as simple as possible, to keep in theme with the house and to offer the least amount of housework (that's the real reason) . Can you tell I'm truly over high maintenance homes? That's the legacy our Edwardian left me.

My FAVOURITE - adore this one . So happy we went with a statement light over our dining table :

Family Room, Kitchen & Study:

All upstairs rooms :

Garage. These throw a great amount of light onto the driveway, rather than the up/down fittings we almost bought, which don't do much at all :

We're hoping the kitchen pendants will look good when they go up. Our bulkhead over the island bench will dictate how long the rods will be. I must admit I am a little concerned as to how they will look, with most of the rods cut off.