Thursday, July 15, 2010

I've finally settled on the curtains for our downstairs living areas. They'll hopefully be up in about a month. So no more curious walkers looking into the house from the street. For a while there, we did get used to living in a 'goldfish bowl' but it's now become quite annoying.

The shrubs will take a loooong time to fulfill their role as a privacy screen, so curtains it is.
The bonus of having curtains is that they will add a bit of character to the rooms. At the moment, the rooms are rather bland.

This is the sheer -Nettex Malabar in Almond. It has 2 fine stripes - taupe & beige. The fabric is almost like an organza. Very pretty with a shimmer.

And these are the rods.

Next, we will be ordering the 20 S. Camellias - Jennifer Susan. Hoping to get them in the ground in the next 2 weeks. Have had an offer from a friend with 'green fingers' to help plant them - woo hoo !!! Thank you L. x

Would have preferred Betty Ridley because of its perfect form but the nursery was out of stock. Left it too late!

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  1. You're Welcome. Can never resist a chance to sink my fingers into the dirt...