Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Lights

Our lights are finally up, except for the kitchen pendants - still waiting on the warm white globes . We've tried to keep the fittings as simple as possible, to keep in theme with the house and to offer the least amount of housework (that's the real reason) . Can you tell I'm truly over high maintenance homes? That's the legacy our Edwardian left me.

My FAVOURITE - adore this one . So happy we went with a statement light over our dining table :

Family Room, Kitchen & Study:

All upstairs rooms :

Garage. These throw a great amount of light onto the driveway, rather than the up/down fittings we almost bought, which don't do much at all :

We're hoping the kitchen pendants will look good when they go up. Our bulkhead over the island bench will dictate how long the rods will be. I must admit I am a little concerned as to how they will look, with most of the rods cut off.


  1. Wow! Your choice of lights are amazing! May I know if you got all these lights in the same shop? I'm keen of having the same like the one at your garage.

  2. Thank you Climbaholic. Yes, we got all our lights from the same small business. Great service. Lyn came out to our house to look at our rooms & made some suggestions. We then followed up with a visit to the showroom just to nut things out & VOILA! all done.
    Very good service

  3. Great to hear that! Thanks a lot!