Sunday, August 1, 2010


They're in !!! All 20 of the Jennifer Susans. So excited to see them in the ground.

I had a simply wonderful time today. My 'fairy gardenmother' (L) came to my rescue & planted all 20 of them, with Nikki's help, of course. I did the fertilising & watering but the 2 girls did the digging & planting. What a great team effort.

After the 'garden party' we had a lovely lunch with a glorious sticky date pudding for dessert as a finale. What a bonus of a day!!

Great fun outside! A great result! Great company! Great food!

What more could I ask? Thank you L for a lovely day !!! ...............and as of today's result. I adore them.

......and these 2 lonely ones which will hopefully survive, to hide the ugly HWS & AC unit that can be seen from my lounge room.

Just a reminder as to what we'll be seeing from our lounge & kitchen windows...........a wall of these !!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I just love camelias - they're such gorgeous blooms and have such glossy green leaves. We have some here too and our red one is covered in buds so I can't wait for it to flower. Your fence is going to look lovely lined with your new plants x

  2. Looks great Southies. What a great friend L is to help you out! :)

    Can't wait until I have these planting problems! ha ha ha

    Bel :)

  3. Great day, I had a ball, thanks for the lovely lunch. I'm looking forward to those baby buds as much as you are!

  4. Camelias - my favourite. You have fabulous taste. Sounds like a lovely, friends and flowers! A-M xx

  5. Can’t wait to see that lot flower!