Sunday, August 15, 2010


Saturday was perfect weather for getting out the seasol, powerfeed and the dreaded molasses. I wondered whether I might be feeding a tad early, afterall it's not spring yet, but my murrayas & hebes are throwing new foliage so I thought a kick-along would help!

.........and to get D away from the dreaded 'screen' ( PS2, DS, computer, TV any or ALL) I coerced him into helping me. Oh the moans & groans !!!! I insisited - he didn't have a choice!

Actually, once I explained the logistics D & I got into a really good rhythm. This is how we did it.

D's part :
Hot water from the laundry
Mix in molasses & dissolve; add cold water
Add seasol & powerfeed

My part :
I poured the mixture into the watering can & watered all the plants.
While I was doing this, D did it all again including running to get the hot water (he made a race out of this process) to see if he could have it all ready for me to fill the watering can.

It's wonderful how kids can make something out of nothing, even if they need to be 'pushed' at first. D actually admitted to me that he had fun racing the clock. He also suggested using 2 buckets next time to speed up the process - NEXT TIME???!!! Wonders never cease. lol

Here's D after he 'accidentally' fell into the bucket of molasses ! Accidentally......yeah right!

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  1. I think your timing's perfect. I had the same plan for our garden for the weekend, but the weather decided otherwise.

    Sticky black molasses hands....nice.