Sunday, August 29, 2010

More gardening

This weekend was busy with preparing garden beds & planting! The preparation is the hardest, bringing in good quality soil, turning it over & over & over - aaarrgghhh!!!
Back-breaking work.......I get great satisfaction with the end result, but I am sooo over the aches & pains.

The back wall of our family room which faces south - a Happy Holidays Camellia & a variety of hellebores.

Happy Holidays - I would have preferred a vibrant pink but the nursery advised that this variety flowers for 6 months, so I sacrified colour for flowering period.

Looking west - hopefully the camellia will eventually hide the hideous watertank
For those who are interested, hellebores are native to Croatia ie alpine, grassy areas probably around Plitvice - this I found out by accident. So for obvious reasons (to some of my followers) I had to have them.

These are the varieties I've planted :
Dark Pink
Double Red

White Spotted

Double Picotee
I risked planting these hellebores - Double Rose Pink
outside our dining room which faces east.

They will get summer sun in the morning but hopefully not enough to stress them.

Lastly....... the patch where we couldn't have a garden.........

2 months ago, I was promised 3 ceramic urns by a pot supplier in Heathcote at a discounted price - yippee - it was a great price !! So I waited & waited & waited & drove back to him 4 times & was promised phone calls...............nudda! Absolutely NO customer service from this guy.
I popped in on Friday for the last time, wandered around for 5 minutes looking at his new stock, hoping my urns were there - mind you I was the only person there - and I was again ignored!! Nobody came to see if I needed assistance.
That was the last straw. He won't be seeing me again.

So, it means that this wall with the pebbles will remain unfinished, until I can find 3 green 1metre high ceramic pots at a reasonable price! How likely is that ?

All in all, a very productive weekend!!!


  1. I know it's not so close to you but in Wentworth Falls there's a pot shop which might be worth a getting in contact with.

  2. Many thanks WCA.....will check out the website & maybe give them a call!!