Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I've just gone for a stroll around my garden and am excited to see that the camellias are throwing new leaves!!!!! I knew they would but you know how it in a new area & wondering what will work & what won't........So here they are - especially for you L :

Happy Holidays (south wall) after only a month !
Jennifer Susans (west wall). All of them down this side of the house are throwing this number of leaves !!!!!

What a relief !!! yay !!!
An interesting perspective of our place on Nearmap :

I knew our block was long & narrow but this clearly confirms it !

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hellebore Progress

My gorgeous hellebores are doing better than I had expected! Such a shame I have to wait until next winter to see them flower........nevertheless, here they are..........flourishing!!!

2 weeks ago :

Today :
There's nothing like them for winter colour!! Apart from camellias, of course.

Yesterday, I planted dwarf lomandras around the perimeter of the front frangipani gardenbed. But ran out ! Don't ask me how N & I miscounted the quantity required - oh brother! Short by 10!!!! Go figure.........
Fernview Nurseries are willing to ship them out today, though their minimum order is 20. Thank you Fernview!!

This is the bed now - unfinished :

As you can see there is a serious number of lomandras missing * rolls eyes*.

This is what they will look like when fully grown - a superb shape :

I will see how they look fully grown, before I decide to add another row of plants between them & the frangipani. Another row might be too much.

Since I'm an amateur gardener, my philosophy is 'easy does it'. So our landscaping will be slow & gradual........planting by trial and error - the painfully slow method! Well it is said......"patience is a virtue". By the time this is completed, I"ll have spades of it ! lol

Friday, September 10, 2010

Family Room

Our dilemma - not being able to find a wool rug at a reasonable price, has been resolved.............thank you ebay!

Yes, it's neutral - boring, I hear you moan - but when all is said and will outlast anything that is 'now'.
I would have loved a 'now' rug (green) but I know I would quickly get sick of it and in all honesty, who has the funds to run out & buy something new whenever one gets sick of 'nows'??

It's rectangular. This shape ensures that it's long enough to provide a warm pad for littlies' bottoms who love to sit up close to their game console. Oh! and we can actually see some of it, as most of it is under our huge table.

On to the next project..................

Sunday, September 5, 2010


No day off for S on Father's Day . There was work to be done! This is the result.....

The Frangipani which was in our backyard was finally moved!
We needed a feature to draw the eye away from the balcony which was just too imposing & to 'anchor' the house.

Next I'm thinking of planting a border of Dwarf Lomandra...the domed grassy plant at the front of this pic :

At the generous suggestion of L, it was a toss up between either the Lomandras, or
Pittosporum 'golf ball' :
Pittosporaceae Cream de Mint :

I love the limey colour of the lomandra & want a border that will let the frangipani shine and not compete with it.
I will think about it a little longer but am really leaning toward the lomandras.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lounge and Dining Curtains

Our lounge/dining curtains are finally done. Had a hiccup with one which had to be returned & re-done but all are now complete and fully installed as of midday today .....

For those who were querying........I chose double pinch pleats (see pic) rather than triple, as I didn't want formality - just enough fullness to add interest to the rooms.

I am extremely happy with the look and of course we now have added privacy from prying eyes.

Next my 2nd hand dining chairs,
which will also involve the tedious process of sanding the chair legs!Aaarrgghh !!
I thought I'd left sanding behind in Homebush. *rolls eyes*.

After much 'mulling', I have decided on olive macrosuede :
.......though I am still in love with eggplant!!!

But olive will outlast the change in fashion trends - I hope!

Now to just find the enthusiasm.....................