Sunday, September 5, 2010


No day off for S on Father's Day . There was work to be done! This is the result.....

The Frangipani which was in our backyard was finally moved!
We needed a feature to draw the eye away from the balcony which was just too imposing & to 'anchor' the house.

Next I'm thinking of planting a border of Dwarf Lomandra...the domed grassy plant at the front of this pic :

At the generous suggestion of L, it was a toss up between either the Lomandras, or
Pittosporum 'golf ball' :
Pittosporaceae Cream de Mint :

I love the limey colour of the lomandra & want a border that will let the frangipani shine and not compete with it.
I will think about it a little longer but am really leaning toward the lomandras.

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