Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hellebore Progress

My gorgeous hellebores are doing better than I had expected! Such a shame I have to wait until next winter to see them flower........nevertheless, here they are..........flourishing!!!

2 weeks ago :

Today :
There's nothing like them for winter colour!! Apart from camellias, of course.

Yesterday, I planted dwarf lomandras around the perimeter of the front frangipani gardenbed. But ran out ! Don't ask me how N & I miscounted the quantity required - oh brother! Short by 10!!!! Go figure.........
Fernview Nurseries are willing to ship them out today, though their minimum order is 20. Thank you Fernview!!

This is the bed now - unfinished :

As you can see there is a serious number of lomandras missing * rolls eyes*.

This is what they will look like when fully grown - a superb shape :

I will see how they look fully grown, before I decide to add another row of plants between them & the frangipani. Another row might be too much.

Since I'm an amateur gardener, my philosophy is 'easy does it'. So our landscaping will be slow & gradual........planting by trial and error - the painfully slow method! Well it is said......"patience is a virtue". By the time this is completed, I"ll have spades of it ! lol


  1. Oh, I could hug them, they are glorious. You just want to fluff them up! Well I do anyway, hehe

  2. I love hellebores, Southies. Winter-flowering plants always seem like a lovely surprise to me. Daphne, hellebores and camellias were some of my favourites in my old garden.

  3. It looks like your garden is going to be lovely. Can't wait for the photos for when everything is finished! Kellie xx

  4. Patience is a virtue! .. it will all be well worth it! A-M xx