Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lounge and Dining Curtains

Our lounge/dining curtains are finally done. Had a hiccup with one which had to be returned & re-done but all are now complete and fully installed as of midday today .....

For those who were querying........I chose double pinch pleats (see pic) rather than triple, as I didn't want formality - just enough fullness to add interest to the rooms.

I am extremely happy with the look and of course we now have added privacy from prying eyes.

Next my 2nd hand dining chairs,
which will also involve the tedious process of sanding the chair legs!Aaarrgghh !!
I thought I'd left sanding behind in Homebush. *rolls eyes*.

After much 'mulling', I have decided on olive macrosuede :
.......though I am still in love with eggplant!!!

But olive will outlast the change in fashion trends - I hope!

Now to just find the enthusiasm.....................

1 comment:

  1. Curtains look lovely, good call on the double pleat thingies.

    Sanding those babies should be a piece of cake. You could have had to sand off umpteen coats of paint like meeeeeee....